Attracting leaders of today to build sustainability for tomorrow.

Zedbrain is an initiative to empower the youth of today to bring to life their ideas of sustainability for the future.

We created a visual template that provided an easy to use, easy to read format, and that could also be easily scalable. We used images that represented sustainability, climate, and youth to attract funding to bring ideas to life.

Girl holding hands in shape of triangle, Zedbrain, AmberSky Marketing

Construct a visual to encompass sustainability and a new generation.

Strategic goal:

Build a visual concept to provide ease of use and readability while capturing the feel of climate and sustainability.

Website objectives:

  1. Discover and establish understanding and clarity on goals.

  2. Spark life into a new design with relevant visuals.

  3. Implement into a Wordpress template for scalability and ease-of-use for end user.