MDRT Foundation of Canada

A change for easier use and timely updates.

The CMDRT Foundation is a group dedicated to helping charities in communities across Canada. Projects supported by the MDRT Foundation Canada reflect the caring and sharing spirit of the profession and industry.

We worked closely with CMDRT to migrate their older website built on retiring tech into a new WordPress instance. The project resulted in creating a duplicate design and transferring everything over manually into the new Wordpress install - making this an easy way for them to update and scale going forward.

AmberSky Marketing client, CMDRT Foundation

Migrate from old to new for scalability

Strategic goal:

Move from a dated CMS to WordPress that can be scaled and easily updated and used.

Website objectives:

  1. Migrate old website to WordPress.

  2. Keep same design but build new templates.

  3. Build templates to easily accommodate the needs of their site admins.